Battles Of The Mind : Part 1

Take Back Your Mind - Be Free From Bondage

The mind is a deep and most important part of any human. God himself communicates with us through our mind, The devil also communicates with us through the mind too. The difference is that God comes peacefully and gives us the option to accept him willingly while the devil plays on our intelligence, influencing our minds with things that will weaken us so as to gain full access to the mind. When a person’s mind is controlled, It’s difficult to function normally. A controlled mind becomes caged and under the control of the enemy. God will never cage his own creation, rather the devil does cage the mind. Every activity gets processed through the mind before actions are taken or carried out. Nothing ever happens until you think it, and nothing will ever come to be until you believe in it. Every thing we face in this life starts in the mind.

The devil the deceiver does not have access to a man’s mind, He can’t come in until you open up your heart to him. So in other for the devil to cage a man/woman’s heart, He will dispatch his dark angels(Demons) and also his agents on assignment(Witches, Vudu masters,Dark satanic prophets, Some pretend to be servants of God and seat in high and low places, even in churches deceiving people in the name of Christ Jesus but at night they pay tribute to satan for fame and financial gains).

Satan the deceiver equips his agents as listed above with all types of powers, such as seducing spirits( Sexual immorality also known as perversion- This is another topic for another post that I will write about as it runs so deep and is a very dangerous issue to encounter with over 90% of human population facing this issue), Black magic, Power of discernment and many other forms of powers ( This are also power topics for more posts by the grace of God). The devil will now equip this satanic workers with all this spirits(If they are human) and powers, mind you this powers don’t come alone. Their are demons who specialize in each aspect so they dwell in this powers so as to keep this powers functioning and active.

For them to attack a person, ridicule and reduce or ruin a person. They must first attack and gain access to the mind. The mind is the gateway to a person’s soul. When the mind is accessed then they can cage the soul (Also known as spirit man of a person) spiritually and in most cases when the succeed, they will create a bewitched twin(a duplicate of that person- this is another deep topic we will get into in another post of mine). This bewitched twin duplicate, will look like you, act like you, become you and bear your name, where ever you are called, they answer and create nothing but pains in your life because when witches rise at mid night hour to project against you, this demonic duplicate of you will answer and represent you. Whatever they then do to this duplicate will start to manifest in you. hmmmm!! I will not go into much details as that’s another topic.
So like I was saying, the have to first attack the mind and gain control, The come close and well equipped especially for those who are strong in prayers, even Satan tells them to be aware of the power of God you posses because you can pray and a praying person can cast them out and cage them down to the Abyss. Their are many powers they come with like depression, discouragement, doubt and unbelief. This are signs you must notice when the enemy is seeking access to your heart and mind.

No matter what you’re going through, it’s a sin to have unbelief.
” Hebrews 3: 12-13 and it says as written – Take care, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief leading you to fall away from the living God. But exhort one another every day as long as it is called ‘today’ that none of you may he hardened by the deceitfulness of sin” .

It’s important to know that they can’t just gain access to you unless through your mind. So when the come with one of this things mentioned above, they whisper to you not as though someone else is talking to you, in most cases especially for a praying person whom they know will be harder to convince.

They stand by the corner and talk to you as though your mind is speaking, for example a person who is having financial problems like most people are, or seeking a job. They will say things like " How can I have hope, I keep trusting in God to change my situation but nothing seems to be happening, Oh no their are so many qualified applicants for the same job I'm going for, how can I expect them to choose me over all this people who are qualified more than me?, Look at my life, I'm just a failure, I'm dump and worth nothing" This are typical example of the things that they will say to you and you think you are saying those things to yourself but it isn't you.

The moment you process those thoughts, what happens next? You become down, depressed, doubtful and suddenly you're having unbelief which is a sin and the moment you sin, they jump right in and begin to project all kinds of wickedness in you and create delay in your progress, life and everything good that you are suppose to have will be ceased by the duplicate bewitched twin.
Some overcome this thoughts then they wait for you in your dream, If you pray a lot this will mean that there is fire around you all the time so they don't want to get burned by the fire of God. The demon of perversion will be dispatched to you, if you are very strong in prayers, then it will come with a legion of demons so as to subdue you and then gain access to you, most people will find themselves, having sex with their boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband,strangers that you don't know or creatures that you don't even recognize their faces. ( This acts carry out so many things in a persons life and destiny, won't get into that now). Some even find themselves been raped, some don't remember the dreams but wake up feeling compromised as though they have laid with someone. Even a praying person who doesn't quite understand this acts will suddenly get depressed and feel down by then this wicked ones will laugh and find their way into your mind and start the process of caging you.

(Please, don't blame yourself, if you ever face this issue. Don't even wait till you start your day, the devil is a big deceiver, this may just occur to hinder something good you have coming your way even that very morning, this is what you do. Go on your knees, confess your known and unknown sins sincerely to God, Then table what you have just experienced before God because even Satan himself is the accuser of the brethren "Revelation 12:10" ," Job 1:6 " " Zechariah 3:1 " "John 8: 10 " their are ,many scriptures where charges where brought up, constantly and daily reminding God of all the reasons we are not worthy of his love and blessings. so take courage and do the same thing to him, go before God your maker after you confess your sins to Jesus Christ. Present your case based on this encounter, accuse the devil of rape and defiling your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit " 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 ". Once you tell God what happened, say it exactly as you remember it happening to you as though God is standing there listening to you, Then renounce it and cancel it's effect on you and your life and destiny. Command it's purpose to reverse back to the sender in the name of Jesus. Also decree by the authority in Christ Jesus that it should never happen to you again, the bible says it in " Nahum 1:19 (KJV) " What do ye imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: Affliction shall not rise up the second time". Once you have done this, believe, trust and have faith in God, Be encouraged and receive grace to go on for the day and God will do the rest. ).

But when you accept to be down and not pray and deal with it right away!,

Suddenly your mind will become the dwelling place of all kinds of wickedness and a source of hindrance to you and people around you. You may say what do I mean by hindrance to yourself and people around you? You have to be careful who you share your plans for the future and your success with, When a contaminated mind is around you, it has demons dwelling in it, most times this persons don't even know this, Some exhibit signs of been negatively minded, always doubtful, thinking less of themselves or envious of others, when a person like this is around you, you better seal your lips. Run as fast as you can especially if you have a project you are working on. Wonder why sometimes you plan to do something, suddenly you share it with your spouse or family members or even friends and suddenly it doesn't work for you, you fail, when you experience this, you have just become a victim of a contaminated mind also known as " Witchcraft Arrows", because the moment that information was shared, the demon in that mind fired an arrow of hindrance at your project, don't go hating the people in your life, just be careful what you share with people, don't judge them just pray for them. You never know, you might even be the one with the contaminated mind. This goes......To be continued in " Battles Of The Mind Part:2 (Keep checking back in).

Dr. Memory Alexandra (PhD)

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