Save a soul

 We spend all our time worried about our selves, Never judge a person or a situation until you hear from the very person affected by it. Today I was in Washington DC,
As I drove by a certain intersection, I spotted a young black male sleeping by the bus stop, he’s Hands were hanging and it just didn’t look normal to me so I pulled over and allowed the Holy Spirit of God to direct me, I was led by the spirit to wake him up and give him something to drink, I woke him up and didn’t know what to say to him so all I did was place a bottle of cold apple 🍎 juice before the young man as his eyes slowly opened up, I also offered him nuts and cookies but he declined the nuts and cookies and said ” I’ve eaten ” but he grabbed the bottle from my hand as though he had long longed for it and opened it up and finished the drink 🍹, then he said to me ” God bless you, I was walking home in this hot sun, long walk but I didn’t have money to get a drink, I got dehydrated and felt I will soon pass out as I couldn’t go any more, my body couldn’t take it anymore so I made my way to this bus stop because I trust God to send me help as I was having a hard time holding on anymore , I fail asleep here and now you solved my problem, God bless you, you have no idea what you’ve done for me” I was speechless 😶, I felt so ungrateful to God as I watched the young man pick up his backpack 🎒, started walking away as he had the biggest smile on his face, he kept waving at me as he walked away. We must all pay attention to our environment and the people around us, you never know who you will need tomorrow, no matter how difficult the situation we find our selves in seems to be, God can never give us something bigger than we can handle, instead of complaining about our wants and needs, let us all try and be a bit grateful to God and appreciate the gift of life and whatever we have, and be the God that the person down the street sees and God will bless us beyond measures. I love you all, I just thought I share my experience today with you all. Shalom

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