Sometimes in life

Sometimes in life, we face difficulties beyond our physical control, most people pull through while many others take their own lives in the process, some fall into depression, get addicted to drugs and many other things, it’s very sad especially in the times and days we live in today, many have sold their souls to the devil which is why a person will wake up and decide to kill someone else just because he or she doesn’t like the way a fellow human like him or her looks. You see God will never give us something bigger than we can handle, it only feels too big for us because we have not shown God that we trust in and fear him and him alone enough to not worry about a thing, when we trust him from today and say this quick prayer believing it in our heart and soul, God will step in and pull through for us. Prayer: “ Dear Lord, I know that I am a sinner, Please forgive me of all my sins, Step into my life Jesus, be my Lord from today, Help my unbelief and give me courage and strength, do not let me fall back into fear, i need you to fight my battles and take away the forces that are fighting my life, I believe in you, from this day i give you my pain and all my burdens and hurt, take charge over me and thank you for i know that because you are with me, no darkness can rejoice over me, My life is renewed in you Jesus and from this day I shall live a worry free life , Amen” . As you’ve prayed this prayed today, believe and watch God show himself strong in your life. keep praying and stay strong, I believe that you and I will make it, so my dear, I need you to stay alive because i love you. From your friend and sister, I Memory Alexandra


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