Stay true to who you are!

Discover the true you and your God given destiny..

Stay true to who you are. As long as you know it’s you. Make sure who you are, pleases thy heavenly father, Is loving and forgiving of others. Nothing else matters. Focus on becoming the great one you’re born to be without allowing any negative energies influence you.

You can never please everyone at the same time. Many will want your downfall but only you can decide if they will win or not… 

In this trying times when many have forgotten to show compassion to one another. I say unto you, Be focused and never let anyone pull and put you down for you will be great.

If you go through life’s journey without obstructions in your way, you need to ask yourself a few key questions.

  1. Who am I ?
  2. I’m I doing what I am created to do?
  3. Is this where I am suppose to be in life?

Their are many reasons why people will look down on you or act like you don’t exist. Some might even befriend you and be so nice to you because they do not see your full potential. Some will suddenly dislike you once you start to manifest into greatness. When you start to show signs that you are no longer that useless low life and no good somebody they used to know, they will cut you off or try to talk down at you so as to bring you down and hinder your destiny.

Who Am I ; You must discover you. It’s sad that many people were born on a certain day, they grow up, live, have jobs, some even have what they think is their careers and just die and are forgotten without truly knowing who they are. If you were to die today, what will you be remembered for ? It is true that some are born to be leaders while some will be followers. No matter where you fall in, it’s still important to know and truly understand who you are.

A typical example of some one who will be great is that, they never have it easy in life from conception. The enemies can sense a bright future from the womb. For example look at the life of Jesus Christ, before he was born, the king was already terrified by his birth and after he was born, the king ordered that all babies about his age should be killed in their town just to be sure his throne wasn’t threatened by the birth of a child who was said to be the king of the Jews and is the king of the Jews. And today the whole world knows about Jesus Christ. He is the King Of Kings and The Lord Of Lords. Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah. The Son Of God Most High. The I Am. I can go on and on.

Those born with greater destines will face more difficult tasks in life. If you are one then fear not. This article is for you. You may wonder why people just don’t like you, why your friends seem to be jealous of you for no reason.

Sometimes it might even be your family that the devil will use to fight your destiny. God wants everyone to fulfill their destiny but the devil is the total opposite. So for you to become the great one you are created to be, You must be sure to hand your life completely over to God because he is the only one who can help you make it. God can only fight for a faithful servant. Some die unfulfilled due to sin.

When you are a person with great destiny, you need to do yourself a favor. Make sure that you’re in the right place with God because the devil will do everything and anything to stop you and even kill you if he can. Your best option is to surrender to God Almighty so he can takeover and fight your battles so you may become who He created you to be. Even if you fulfill your destiny or not, you will still give account of your talents when you get to the other side. I won’t go in too deep but bottom line is, discover who you are and be sure you’re doing all that you are suppose to do.

You may ask, how do I discover who I am? Pay attention to your life, discover your talents and what you are truly good at, then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through and reveal who you are to you. Do it over and over and sooner than you can expect things will come to light. I have never heard that the Spirit Of God failed anyone and he won’t start with you. During this process of discovery, pay close attention to details as every step can contain a clue and an answer as he may not show up like a loud noise and thunder sounds to answer your request so as not to scare you. But the Holy Spirit is the master of leaving clues sometimes even in your dreams. Many times strangers might approach you or people will say random things to you. Just pay attention.

I’m I doing what I am created to do ?; This one is very simple, when a person is not aligned with who they are truly created to be, that person lives lower than who they are. you might think you are doing well, have a great job and career. Have it ever rang a bell to you that just maybe, you can do better and aim higher if you paid attention to your full potential?

Sadly, many people miss the opportunity to reach greater heights in life because they lack the knowledge and vision to see how good and better they are. When you fall in this category, things usually are not as difficult as they could be for someone who understands their full potential. The devil will leave a person who doesn’t know who they are alone.

Most of the things great ones face in life are all projections of the enemy. Because the kingdoms of darkness know that you know who you are so they fight you from the beginning just for one reason, Stopping you over so as not to fulfill destiny. Whenever it seems like things are too easy not to say it’s not okay to have an easy going life but you have to understand that the devil does not fight anyone he deems empty.

Be sure to check yourself and know if truly you are doing what you’re suppose to do in life. Find you and begin the journey of fulfilling your destiny.

Is this where I am suppose to be in life? The cure reason for a man/woman’s existence is his/her destiny. Destiny can be delayed but never denied. It can die as well if that person does not discover and fight back. You must fight the enemy of who you are. Some people will meet you and just not like you because they can see that which is in you that is invisible to you.

People of the dark kingdom project into destines. Astrological projection is one of their favorite tool against a person’s destiny. They hope you never discover who you are so they will do whatever it takes to stop you. Some of the tools the devil will plant to hinder your destiny could be your parents, siblings, which are also known as familiar enemies, friends also known as unfriendly friends. It doesn’t matter who, Satan the devil is very wicked and doesn’t care about how he goes about it. He’s desperate and knows that time is running out for him so it doesn’t matter to him who he uses to destroy a great destiny as long as it is done. But for true believers who know their stand in God, you know that God has given you tools to fight with ” The bible which is the word of God and prayers” but what of that believer who doesn’t know who he/she is and what their destiny is either ? This is where the Holy Spirit comes in again. Ask him through the name of Jesus Christ and he will come through again.

When you start to question your level of growth in life. It is a good thing, that means you are becoming aware that something is just not right. You don’t have to be born in Africa to have spiritual enemies who don’t want you to become who you are truly created to be. At the end of this life on earth, you must give account to God what you did with the destiny he gave you. It’s your job to discover who you are, where you are in life and if you are doing what you are suppose to do.

Unfortunately, some die before they ever get to question anything. They easy fellows as they call them. Those who Satan doesn’t consider as a threat. Those human beings he feels he can just cut off especially if their life is not pure before God. If you are a person with great destiny, and your life is pleasing to God , the devil will fight you just to stop you because he feels threatened by you. He knows he can’t just cut you off. He aught to get permission from God before he can try to do anything to you. The devil will fight your destiny so hard and hope that you will get frustrated enough, curse God and accept to die or make it easier for him by allowing yourself to become taken over by the spirit of depression, and possibly take your own life.

When they project into a destiny, they can make someone who is so good in painting and would have gone on in life to become one of, if not the greatest painter of all time to suddenly have a shift in life, next thing you’re in law school and you hate your career but it pays the bills and affords a certain life style. Some just never win any cases, every few years you’re job hunting. Sometimes you find a job because you have the degree and in a few years you’re back on the market when you are suppose to become a legendary in what you loved to do and are a natural at. It just doesn’t happen. This things are projected.

People who were born directly into Indian Americans and African families or from the African decent such as African Americans who their pasted on relations where sold into slavery have it even worse because, not only do you have demons known as principalities and powers who fight themselves daily to assume higher territories in the second heaven and the only way they can rank higher is by destroying human destinies, killing and wasting lives. Then you have to worry about what your great grand parents also did even some your current parents who belong to one witchcraft coven or occult kingdom is doing or have done against you, on your behalf and for you, some do this out of ignorance thinking they are protecting their children and generations to come. Some are simply wicked and just want to pay the price for what they want at that moment not caring about the deadly result of what they are doing at that moment and the price their children and children unborn will pay for their sins. Some have already been auctioned off for a sacrifice even while in the womb. Some parents and forefathers even go as far as dedicating their entire generations, promising this demons which represent their gods that they serve that their children will serve them in the future. For example, they will say their first son will take on the idol worship through their entire generations and 10 generations later, the new born first son doesn’t know or may have never even heard of this gods his forefathers used to worship and goes on to choose his own religion, he runs into all kinds of problems, some become useless, die untimely, become drunks and his own children will repeat the same circle(this is what some people refer to sometimes as “It runs in the family”) Sometimes it will be in form of sickness like diabetes and each generation someone or people in the family suffers this sickness. When this happens in a family, their is a curse that needs to be broken, a generational curse and until it is broken this demon who the forefathers had made that promise and dedication to will continue to rain pain on that family. ( Keep checking my blog entries for ” Generational curses as it’s a deep topic to cover ) . So the battle will be harder, not to say that people from the west like Americans and other countries don’t deal with this issues, they do. In fact their is as much witchcraft in America and other countries just as their is in Africa. They are everywhere but the problem is, Most Africans try to seek for solutions so those fighting them exercise more powers just to stop and render them useless and possibly kill them and the end results will be silencing that destiny forever. Because the moment you discover what the wicked is doing against you and you get delivered and liberated it will be their end for Satan has no mercy for his agents, if you fail you get killed and punished severely unlike God who is a merciful father and gives his children many chances to repent.

So you not only have this forces of demons to fight but now you have assigned demons from your forefathers and some parents so it becomes double battle.

Hey! listen, this is an eye opener message, not to scare you. I am Memory Alexandra and I can tell you, I’ve had my share of life battles, shocking things that will leave you in disbelief ha ha. But this is serious. For this reasons the devil fought my life and destiny so hard but I am sick and tired of people not knowing who they are, living their life like their is no God, no hell and no heaven when in reality, Their is God, who made the heavens and the earth and is a Holy GOD so therefore to enter His kingdom, you must be purified and for Him to fight for you, you must be pure in heart and show Him that you are worthy of Him for He is Holy.

Leviticus 19 verses 2 and 7;

2″ Speak to the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be holy, for I The Lord your God Am Holy”

7″ Consecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy, for I Am The Lord your God.

Also their is hell for those who have chosen for Satan to become their adopted father because sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2 ) says ” But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, So that He will not hear”.

Some say we can’t be holy, we were born in sin so it becomes a ticket to remain in sinful acts while the devil destroys your destiny. Let me tell you the real reason the devil doesn’t want you to fulfill your destiny, it’s a quick and easy way to draw your soul into hell. So if you stay here on earth just running around living your life the way you care not caring to find out and do what ever it is God brought you here to do, when you die, you must and will give account to what you did with your destiny and Satan will stand right by to accuse you and tell God that you didn’t care to know who you are and a screen will open and play your life for you and condemn your soul to hell. So this is very serious. God went on and said in Leviticus 19 verses 26 ” You shall be holy to me, for I The Lord Am Holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine “.

So knowing who you are starts with knowing your stand with God. I tell you it only takes the grace of God for anyone to truly fulfill their destiny.

It is not a coincidence that you are reading or hearing this message today. I will touch a little on what I said about becoming an adopted child of Satan.

when you live a sinful, you give up every right to be called son and daughter of God.

God is a Holy God and their are 2 books above the earth. One contains the names of all the children of God known as the book of life, while the other is the book of death which contains all the names of the adopted children of Satan who were once the children of God before sin separated them from God who is their real and true father…To be continued…Keep checking back in.

Be strong and know this from my heart and soul, You are deeply loved by Memory Alexandra. But God Almighty loves you even more and Jesus Christ loves you so deeply that he gave his life on the cross for you and I so that we can have a fighting chance against the enemy of our destiny. Rise up child of God and rule your destiny…Shalom 🙂


My Lord and my God, I thank you for this day, Forgive me of all sins

Have mercy on me and cleanse me of every sin. Known sins and unknown sins. Give me grace to serve you in holiness and to be all you made me to be.

I take authority over this region, the atmosphere within me and I decree and declare that no power in heaven and earth shall have dominion over this territory. By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

I bind every powers that are working against me, Be it from the witch kingdom, the marine and the occult kingdoms.

I take back all that belongs to me including the answers to my prayers that is hijacked in the second heaven and I release acidic fire into the second heaven to melt away everything that is blocking and holding my blessings.

I decree and declare that it is well with me, my life is moving forward from this day. I am glorified in Christ Jesus.

Thank you Lord for lifting me up and giving me a divine encounter with you,

From this day, I receive grace to manifest into who I truly am.

I receive all round grace to know who I truly am and clear visions and revelations of who I am and the direction I am to move towards fulfilling my destiny.

As I have received this knowledge from this message, I cover my brain and all of me with the blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus keep watch over me and speak for me in Jesus name.

Thank you Jesus and may your name be praised forever and ever. Amen


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